Luhan gege is too kawaii~

Baekhyun - Nature Republic

chanyeol’s freestyle rap about kai






towels imported form turkey 

and turkey imported from maine

wheres your passion

may I ventilate my feelings right now in this blog? this is the only place I feel comfortable letting it all out…

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Xiumin during Please call me Oppa ~ & talking with Duizhang (part 1) (part 2)


you dont know how much of a kpop fan you are until you sit through 6 hours of fucking awards ceremony

throughfragmentsoftime-deactiva asked: It's horrible to hear what you and your family have recently experienced. I hope good things come your way and you guys are able to experience normalcy soon (even though it might not be probable). I just wanted to say that you and all the people affected by this horrible situation are in my prayers and I hope you're able to successfully continue with your studies! :)

Thank you so much dear ;__; never in my life had I wanted to go to school again… It’s a really hard time but thank you so much again for your love and concern

Scariest experience ever…

What I’ve called home for years is now destroyed… thank God our house is still standing but the city… Tacloban… it was just so bad.

Until now, I still don’t know if all my classmates and friends are all okay… My family just left the city yesterday.

It was horrible… I saw one dead body covered, arms and legs exposed..

It basically looks like some kind of war is going on there :(

It was just a few days before 2nd sem of nursing school would start, I don’t even know if it’d open again, last time I heard, it was still flooded…

Such a traumatic experience…. :(( and from what I’ve been seeing, it seems like the news are all too so inaccurate…

Please help in the ways you can, many people are still so scared, so scarred for life.

It’ll probably be months before me and my family would experience normalcy :/